Ultimate Mentorship Program With Trading System – All Inclusive – Personalized Trade Plan

$150.00 / month





Overview of Personal Coaching for TVblast Trading System

  1. Purpose: This personal coaching, or mentorship, is specifically tailored to enhance your proficiency with the TVblast trading system and trading in general.
  2. Key Features:
    • Efficient Use of the System: Guidance on how to utilize the TVblast trading system effectively and correctly.
    • Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis: Identification and discussion of your trading strengths and weaknesses.
    • Customized Trading Plan: Development of a trading plan that aligns with your unique trader profile.
    • In-Depth Trade Management: Detailed instruction on managing trades post-execution.
    • Additional Training: Extra training in price action and volume to augment your trading skills.
  3. Rule-Based System Setup: Establishment of a systematic, rule-based approach for consistent trading practices.
  4. Ongoing Support and Review:
    • Regular follow-ups to review trades.
    • Ensuring adherence to the devised strategy.
  5. Primary Objectives:
    • Achieving and maintaining profitability in trading.
    • Focusing on long-term, sustainable success in the trading arena.

This coaching is designed to not only help you become profitable but also to ensure you remain profitable over time.


(STEP 1)  Onboarding Process: Start by getting comfortable with our platform and the TVBlast trading strategy through our user-friendly videos.

(STEP 2) 1-on-1 Meeting: After completing the strategy videos and a brief proficiency quiz, you and I will have our first personal Zoom meeting. We’ll discuss your trading experience, your preferred trading style, and how well you grasp the strategy. We’ll also consider your work schedule and when you can commit to trading.

(STEP 3) Personalized Trading Plan: Within 24 hours of our meeting, I will craft a personalized trading plan designed just for you. It will detail your trading days, the number of trades you should take, risk management, and achievable goals.

(ONGOING) Check-Ins: Over the next few weeks, we’ll collaborate closely to achieve your goals. You’ll have a check-in with me, where you can upload trade screenshots, profit/loss data, and trading notes using our website submission form.

Continuous Improvement: Based on your performance, we’ll make any necessary adjustments to maximize your results.

There is no minimum or maximum time you need to be in this program. You stay until you are profitable consistently or ready to leave. There is no obligation or term to sign up for.