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Welcome to the Affiliate Program! By joining the STS4x, you get the chance to reap incredible rewards simply by referring others to our platform. Here’s a quick snapshot of how you can benefit:

  • Get Paid on Referrals: Every time you refer someone to, you earn!
  • Boosted Earnings: The more you refer, the greater your earnings potential.
  • Dual Commission Structure: You get paid both for one-time referrals AND for those who join subscriptions. That means if someone you refer opts for a monthly subscription, you earn EVERY month they renew. Talk about passive income through recurring commissions!

Here’s How the Payout Structure Looks:

  • 0-24 Referrals: Earn a 10% commission per sale/referral.
  • 25-49 Referrals: Your commission bumps up to 17.5% per sale/referral.
  • 50+ Referrals: Enjoy a whopping 25% commission for every referral!

Remember, this isn’t a monthly reset game. The above structure is cumulative and accounts for ALL your referrals as you progress.

Payment Schedule: All affiliate earnings are paid out on the 2nd Friday of the month.

Let’s get you started on this lucrative journey!

All you need to do is share your link with your prospects and when they sign up. You will get awarded the commission. It’s that easy!

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